Vendors + You = ACFM

In addition to our loyal patrons, our vendors ensure the success of our weekly market! We have a variety of farm/produce and hot food vendors that join us each week, as well as craft vendors who join us every second Thursday of the month for ACFM’s 2nd Thursday Maker’s Market! We also welcome community groups and non-profit organizations via the Aloha Business Association, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, and elsewhere to inform patrons about all the good they’re doing for our local community. You can learn more about each of our vendors and partner businesses and organizations by clicking on their names below.

Are you interested in becoming a vendor or attending our market on behalf of your business or organization? Please visit the Vendor Info page for more information and to apply via Manage My MarketIf you have any questions about our vendors or would like to suggest a vendor for the market, please contact us at